Rotary Youth Exchange Florida, District 6970

May 2017 - July 2018

Taking my experience from working on the creative team at LiNK, I created a fresh yet aggressive marketing strategy for Rotary Youth Exchange District 6970 in Northeast Florida. I implemented and created the following: 

  • Instagram account: @RYE6970
  • Recruitment video (later personalized for individual schools and events)
  • BAND groups to streamline volunteer & applicant communication
  • Redesign of powerpoints for high school presentation & info meetings
  • Transitioned and trained our team to use MailChimp, Google Drive, Canva, etc. 

The results of this marketing rehaul allowed for a more cohesive and engaging message and ultimately the success was proven by our skyrocket of interest, applications and final selection of candidates.


2017-2018                           2018-2019          

21 applicants                           51 applicants 

18 candidates                           28 candidates 

142% increase in applicants

56% increase in candidates selected

*Please note we achieved these numbers despite Hurricane Irma hitting during our prime recruitment week. Had we not lost nine additional presentations we estimate we could have seen 75-100 total applicants.*

Posts align with the RYE message, mission and brand identity. 

Generally posts fit into 1 of 4 categories:

  1.  Showcasing our RYE students - Student pictures are regularly reposted and RYE students participate in Instagram "takeovers" to show live videos of their daily life abroad
  2. Thoughtful Content - Fun images, stats and quotes keep the feed fresh and relevant to our followers. They are mission oriented and provide students encouragement to apply as well as support for students who are currently on exchange.
  3. Events - Clean and modern posts remind students to attend upcoming events and register on our website. 
  4. Journals Entries and #RYERealTalk Series - We understand it is scary for students and parents alike to think about studying abroad for 1 year. We're not afraid to dive into the good, bad and ugly and strive to portray our students' experiences authentically. 

Instagram Stories content strike a balance of fun, fresh and educational.

RYE D6970 Recruitment Video Fall 2017

@RYE6970 Instagram Feed